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  • Advanced vulnerability management

  • Continuous monitoring of your attack surface

  • No additional agents

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Prioritize risks to your business
Identify the top targeted vulnerabilities in your industry, geography, or third-party vendors. See the riskiest breach points in your security controls. Uncover brand identity threats from the deep and dark web.
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Proact against your top threats
Work off of a unified alerts view for your top threats, complete with the fullest context available. Let your analysts see auto-created incidents. Start resolving instead of researching.
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Eliminate new scans or agents
ThreatLandscape is cloud-native and fully integrated with OpsRamp, so you can get instant, always-on visibility without adding new, resource-intensive agents or scans.

Designed for complex environments

To simplify security for your IT and SOC teams

Track > prioritize > patch > secure.

Scanless and continuous detection, prioritization, and patch management of vulnerabilities across physical locations, networks, multi-clouds, and datacenters

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Monitor > detect > respond > mitigate

Continuous monitoring and detection of digital exposures, infra misconfigurations, and unmonitored assets

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Map > tag >
visualize > manage

360°-visibility into asset details, threat views by asset metadata, live reporting, and compliance adherence in one unified beautiful interface

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Next-gen vulnerability management

End-to-end vulnerability management for all your connected assets

Pivot to proactive responses with auto-created incidents for the most critical vulnerabilities in your network, data centers, and dockerized environments.
  • Prioritized by exposure, exploitability, targeting, and criticality of data
  • Breach predictability algorithms and topology maps of over forty enterprise cloud-hosted applications
Stay updated about trending threats that are being actively exploited in your industry and geography making you potentially susceptible to attacks.
  • Context-rich alerts, structured for immediate response
  • Assisted patch management and remediation recommendations
Bring NOC, SOC, and IT teams together. Track groups of incidents by vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, or assets with Projects, our batch remediation feature.
  • Quick actions on high-priority threats with auto-created projects
  • Top asset and vulnerability line of sight with live tickers for remediation measures taken and pending work
  • Team productivity optimization with in-built features for time and activity tracking
Inform SecOps and IT processes with comprehensive reporting
  • Action-ready, customized reports and views by compliance standards, criticality of data, and SLAs
  • Export to CSV and Excel for DIY analysis
  • Baked-in standard operating procedures for breach mitigation and what-nexts
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Continuous attack surface monitoring

See your attack surface from a hacker’s POV and act faster than the bad guys

Remove uncertainties of passive, periodic scans and empower your IT to stay on top of your security controls
  • Always-on, outside-in visibility of your attack surface without the worries of frequent, resource-intensive scans
  • Insta-alerts on misconfigured servers, unmonitored services, or publicly exposed assets that are potential breach points for your adversaries
Remove the risk of delays in the discovery of deviations from standard network configurations.
  • Real-time monitors of your CMDB data for changes
  • Programmed alerts on deviations from configuration standards that weaken your security posture
Stay on top of dynamic exposures.
  • Real-time alerts of new VMs
  • Xposed IPs that are vulnerable to potential attack and exploit
Get alerted to new DNS resolvers in your network or seemingly legit resolvers outside your firewall that are publicly exposed.
  • Shut them down or restrict access before threat actors can spoof your customer-facing destinations

First-of-its-kind asset visibility

360o visibility from a unified platform

Make asset management and monitoring easy, not manual and tiring.
  • View assets across all your networks, datacenters, and in the cloud within minutes of setup
  • Monitor new assets in your environment, report stale assets for decommissioning, updates assets missing antivirus updates or see the ones missing ednpoint agents --- all from one single window
Keep a tab on at-risk assets
  • Tag assets automatically for criticality of data, compliance standards, and custom business requirements
  • Get alerts for changes to the most at-risk assets
Monitor enterprise wide app activity
  • Appraise installed apps across all your assets and quickly suss out unapproved, suspicious, or vulnerable apps
Zero in on potential attack vectors quickly
  • Monitor periodical asset status
  • Group assets by tags, source, location, and vulnerability for research and analysis
  • Cluster by inter-asset relationships a la Palantir
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Scales with your business

Pricing that's on point --- like your security with ThreatLandscape. ThreatLandscape INSIGHTS works on a pay-per-asset model that helps you manage costs and scale your security with your business. Zero cap-ex investments, quick + easy on-boarding, and simplified invoicing makes your upgrade to proactive security a breeze.

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