ENTERPRISE by ThreatLandscape

Built ground up for the future-ready SOC. Identifies anomalies and detects unknown threats across your digital services and businesses. No high-maintenance SIEM rules.

6 months to value? Nah, more like 6 days. #MicDrop

We’ve built Enterprise ground up so you can get started in hours and deploy the full extent of our threat intel, cognitive collaboration, and incident response in days, not months.

We’ve also made it available and scalable for the true Enterprise. It doesn’t matter if you have one cloud or several, a single office location or cross-geography operations, complex network environments or simple, Enterprise works right out of the box, saving you money, time, and most of all. deployment headaches.


Smart security beyond the hype

Enable quick response to what matters now with a prioritized view of contextualised alerts at zero additional resource demands. Avoid alert fatigue and false positives with templatized remediation. Collaborate within auto-created war rooms for critical incidents.

Public clouds

Entrust our always-on, real-time Artificial Intelligence to monitor your network, devices, and cloud instances. Leverage autonomous evaluation, identification, and unification of the most critical events leading to intrusion attempts, at-risk IPs, and critical vulnerabilities.


Malware and APTs

Understand and respond to sophisticated malware infections and APTs in real-time. Task our proprietary threat intel to keep pace with evolving threats, including command and control detection and remediation.


Recon and brute-force attacks

Pre-emptively address recon and brute-force attacks with our sophisticated threat models that fish out the top threats and focus analyst attention to ongoing adversary activity.


User behavior analytics

Signal abnormalities in normal user behaviour across your network. Ensure secure user experiences without complexities of configuring access by location, user permissions, and data criticality.


Phishing and impersonation threats

Quarantine suspicious requests across your network to protect against social engineering attacks. Detect and resolve impersonation or privilege escalation attempts faster than your adversaries can hope to compromise you.

your security

Automate incident detection, triage, and investigations.

Solve for core analyst use-cases with our automated incident detection, auto-creation of war rooms, and cognitive collaboration between teams for rapid remediation of the biggest threats to your business.


Fortify your existing workbench with machine learning models that seamlessly integrate with your tool stack, systems, and platforms, continuously learning from data across millions of signals and analysts’ activities.

Comprehensive security for zero-to-lean-SOC teams.

Achieve 500X faster MTTD and MTTR and 90%+ reduction in false positives with Enterprise as a real-time force multiplier for organizations.

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Built-in SIEM
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Advanced SecOps
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Cyber killchain model-based detection
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Built-in compliance management

Save time with HogoBot, an intelligent machine interface that acts like a member of your response teams, automating research and time-intensive threat hunting tasks.


“Our clients are more secure than ever. Our remediation SLAs are through the roof, we are fully-compliant, and have had with zero breaches so far. We've got ThreatLandscape to thank for that.”

Netenrich is a premier MSP delivering security for customers like Disney, Coca-Cola, P&G, and more.

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Vikram Chabra
Practice Director - Cyber and Cloud security

Do more with ThreatLandscape ENTERPRISE

An end-to-end platform for SecOps.
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Threat intelligence

Proprietary threat intelligence achieved through the perfect marriage of human + machine intelligence.

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Built-in SIEM

Industry-leading SIEM tool OEMed right into the product, so you don’t have to worry about yet another implementation cycle.

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Collaborative war rooms

Artificial intelligence-driven incident management and response through dynamic, real-time war rooms.

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Interactive threat hunting

Unparalleled granularity and flexibility for advanced threat hunting.

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Patient zero

Investigate root cause in hours, not days via our game-changing interactive graph visualization.

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Real-time dashboards

Continuous visibility into top threats, compliance violations, SLAs, and more.

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