Threat signals to actions, delivered by AI

ThreatLandscape continuously monitors your physical, cloud, and brand assets to help you take preventive action faster than the speed of bad.

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Make your data work for you

ThreatLandscape extracts cyber threat signals from your all-source data, correlating it with our proprietary threat intelligence garnered from several billion open, deep, and dark web records.

Our AI-powered platform contextualizes these signals for insights into suspicious indicators, both internal and external, that pose the greatest risks now, not months later.

We arm IT and SOC teams with full-context remediation, saving your business days in risk mitigation and preventing (remember Target?) multi-million dollar losses.

Analyzed over the past year
Of threats found across the internet
To our proprietary threat intelligence engine

Scanless, SIEMless, Painless

You heard us!

Be invulnerable across your network, cloud, and data centers.

ThreatLandscape detects and prioritizes your most at-risk vulnerabilities and zero-days without the overhead of intrusive scans.

Break away from voluminous vulnerability scan reports that bury actionable information in a million pages. Get to contextual insights in a matter of clicks.

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Yes, for real!

We mean, seamless.

ThreatLandscape brings an industry-defining SIEM, completely baked into our platform so you don’t waste cycles in implementation, configuration, and rule optimization.

Plus our automated alert correlation models prioritize alerts, auto-convert them into incidents, and offer cognitive interfaces for resolution faster than your pizza can be delivered.

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Set up in minutes, get running in hours.

We’ve made it super-easy to connect your log sources in minutes so you get your first report within hours of signing up.

No more complex setup, going back and forth between internal stakeholders, and hour-long calls with Customer Success that go nowhere.

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Faster than the speed of bad.

Stay ahead of your adversaries with early and ongoing detection of exposed assets, expired certificates, personnel and brand identity theft, publicly available credentials, or targeted vulnerabilities that can lead to a breach.

And baked-in.

Threat intelligence that owes you allegiance.

Do away with generic advisories and standard threat feeds. Employ the muscle of proprietary threat intelligence that’s customized to your business risks, not everyone else’s. Harness the power of a signals engine that boasts unprecedented length, breadth, and depth of data.

That's a fine a...
...ttack surface.

Full-stack view of your security posture

Get unified views of your entire security posture with always-on dashboards that react to the smallest changes in your network, cloud, or datacenter in real-time.


More secure with ThreatLandscape

One platform for total security against these and more.
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Digital footprints
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Full-stack risks
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Brand hijacking
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Command and Control
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Adversary intelligence
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Threat models
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Interactive clustering
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Threat hunting

Get a quick view of your ThreatLandscape.

Find out how and where your organizational credentials have been exposed. All we need is an email-id and domain.

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